Stain Removal Guide

Carpets and upholstery make your home cozy and warm, but at the same time they are more susceptible to staining. Even a home without kids and pets can get an occasional spills and smudge. If not treated instantly, these stains can quickly seep into the fibers  and become permanent.

 We deal with a lot of carpets and upholstery stains that was uncured of to begin with. There are some at home remedies that will help to avoid letting these stains become permanent. 

Spot removal guide


  • Always immediately take action in case of stain and spills. 
  • Our instant reaction is to rub it with a towel, but that actually only makes it worse. Dabbing it is the best approach. 
  • Do not blow the stain with a dryer either ( in most cases people do this if its a wet stain), it will be more difficult to remove if dry.
  • Try to absorb as much as the liquid as possible, you can do this by blotting or using a vacuum. Surprisingly this technique does work. 
  • Determine what mixture or chemical you will use, make sure it wont be something that will damage the area.
  • A good stain remover always does the trick, but for a homemade remedy applying some detergent, warm water and white vinegar mix will also help clean the stain ( see below for specifics on some common spills ) . 
  • In order to not spread the stain, start from the outside and work your way int. 
  • Rinse the mixture or chemicals that you used with warm water. 
  • Blot the spot with towels as much as possible. Do this specially if you are dealing with upholstery until fully dry in order to absorb all the moisture.

At home remedy to combat spills from drinks

  • 1/3 cup of white distilled vinegar + 2/3 cup of water

At home remedy to Combat Pet Stains

  • 1 tbsp. of ammonia + 1/2 cup of water

* All fibers react differently, test all solvents, solutions and cleaning agents in a small hidden inconspicuous area before applying


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