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Spot Removal Guide

Spot Removal Guide

Spots are unexpected and annoying to deal with. They happen in the worst and most spontaneous time. The good news is that there are times that you will be able to remove the spots yourself.

However, it is really important to take the right approach and not make it worse. Following are some tips to combat these stains and some mixtures you can apply to help with the process.

Immediately take action

Do not try to rub the stain away with a towel.

Do not blow the stain with a dryer, it will be more difficult to remove if dry.

Try to absorb as much as the liquid as possible, you can do this by blotting or using a vacuum.

Determine what mixture or chemical you will use, make sure it wont be something that will damage the area.

In order to not spread the stain, start from the outside of it and work your way in.

Rinse the mixture or chemicals that you used with water.

Blot the spot with towels as much as possible.  Do this specially if you are dealing with upholstery until fully dry in order to absorb all the moisture.

To Combat Spills from Drinks:

1/3 cup of white distilled vinegar + 2/3 cup of water

To Combat Pet Stains:

1 tbsp. of ammonia + 1/2 cup of water