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Tile, Grout, and Stone Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Tile, Grout and Stone Cleaning

Tile and stone give a touch of elegancy and a clean look when treated correctly. It is perfect for any office or home due to the cool atmosphere it provides. It is important to give it the appropriate treatment in order to maintain this profile.

Imperial Carpet Care can present solutions with our advanced methods for cleaning these surfaces. We restore surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, and limitless other areas. Our services eliminate soil, stubborn stains, embedded bacteria, and harmful germs. Our technicians strive to return tile, grout, and stone to pristine condition. We apply the latest methods and our team is always sure to deliver the most innovative service. We deliver a service that guarantees to bring back the brilliance of your stone.

Pre- Inspection:
We will determine the appropriate needs of your tile, grout, or stone by doing an inspection.

Clear Space:
We will carefully place aside furniture in order to start the process.

The tile and grout will be scrubbed either with a hand brush or a machine scrub. 

Rinse and Extract:
We will use a high pressure rinse at a high heat in order to loosen the dirt and it will be extracted.

All left over water will be wiped down.

A sealant will be applied to protect.  This will increase the quality life of the stone, grout or tile by repealing stains.

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