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Odor Removal

Odor Removal

Odor Removal Services

Odor is a key aspect that demonstrates that your home or business is clean. Trying to cover up the smell does not help and another method to remove the odor is required. It is important to maintain your home not only looking good but also smelling good. Whenever your pet has an accident you must take immediate and appropriate action to avoid smells from becoming embedded in your carpet.

If your home is penetrated with a foul smoke smell, we can also take care of that. If you are in need of pet or any other odor removal in San Diego, call us at +1 858-688-2246. We will send our professional and skilled carpet technicians and will have your carpets smelling clean again in no time at all! You can depend on Imperial to tackle any odor removal needs right now.

In order to remove the odor, we must first inspect your home to determine where it is coming from.

Apply Deodorizer:
We will use non-toxic deodorizer to get rid of the bad odor.  This will be directly applied in the damaged area.

Final Inspection:
We will make sure the odor is removed from your home by inspecting it once the process is finished.

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