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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

How we Clean Your Carpet

Carpets are subject to get dirty in many ways. From spills, dirty footsteps, dirt, humidity, and every day use. For sanitary and apparent reasons, it is vital to have your carpet treated by professionals. Unlike flooring, carpets can’t just be cleaned and disinfected with a mop. The carpet gives a clean edge to your home and it is unsanitary and unappealing to have it dirty. For these reasons it is important to maintain it clean. Imperial Carpet Clean cares for this, and we guarantee to clean and take care of your carpet at the most competent level. We use green products almost exclusively for our Carpet Cleaning Service. We primarily use an orange and oxygen based cleaning product which has a Green Seal of Approval. We order it in bulk to help save natural resources and reduce shipping costs.

All of our regional Cleaning Service offices are also striving to become paper-free, low impact environments. If you see any additional ways that we can become a greener carpet cleaning service, please let us know. We take your home environment and the world’s environment very seriously. San Diego Carpet Cleaning Service at its best.

Our unique Cleaning Service protects the investment you’ve made in your home. You can’t always predict what happens to when choosing a carpet cleaning service, but you can give yourself the best chance of success by working with us. We offer full service home maintenance, but San Diego Carpet Cleaning Service is where we began and it's one of the things we do best.

We have what it takes to assist you all year round. We offer friendly service, green cleaning solutions, speedy dry time, and our famous San Diego Carpet Cleaning Service, which is reliable, affordable and experienced.

Pre-inspection:  It is vital to focus on your exact needs.  Our team starts with an inspection of the carpet, rug, tile, or upholstery to know exactly what procedure to take.  We also take this time to have a clear idea of any precision you want us to be aware of.  Once we inspect we will let you know exactly what the procedure is and what we will be able to do about the stains.

Vacuum: We will pre- vacuum your carpet to remove any excess dirt and dry soil.  This will leave it ready to continue with the procedure.

Furniture:  In order to better clean the carpet and upon your request, we will move the small furniture.  We will of course do this with our own hands and carefully treat your furniture.

Pre- Treated Spots:  Spots are pre treated in order to get them ready and have a deeper cleanse.  Even with this process, there are some spots that can’t be entirely removed.

Pre- Grooming:  To assure the cleaning process is highly effective, the carpet will be pre-groomed.  This also depends on the soil level, and if necessary, a carpet groomer will be used to loosen the soil area.

Rinse:  A hot water extraction machine will be used to rinse the carpet.  The water used is special water with heat and pressure applied.  This will be used once the soil is loosened and to eliminate pollutants.

Balance: In order to eliminate sticky residual, the carpet will be rinsed with a PH balanced product.

Spot Treatment: After the cleaning process is carried through, there might still be spots left.  In order to lift the remaining spots, our team will treat them with a spot removal method.

Carpet Protection:  If desired, a carpet protector will be applied in order to increase the durability of your carpet.

Final Inspection:  Your satisfaction is most important to us.  At the end we will allow you to inspect the work accomplish and let us know if you are satisfied.